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Help Save Mothers in the U.S. from Dying after Childbirth. Support H.R.4216: The Maternal Health Accountability Act of 2014

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It’s 2014, and you probably wouldn’t believe it, but maternal deaths in the United States are on the rise. I believe it because I almost died and became another statistic.

Four years ago, I started hemorrhaging after giving birth to my first child. Emergency personnel rushed in. Blood was pouring out of my body as my life hung in the balance. Doctors told me they weren’t confident that I would make it, but they’d do their best. What had been nine months of a drama-free pregnancy had instantly turned into a drama-filled nightmare. Fortunately, I survived -- but I know that I was lucky (as talked about here in my Huffington Post column).

Out of 180 countries, the United States ranks 60th in maternal deaths. This means 59 other countries are better at keeping new mothers alive than we are. That’s unacceptable. One critically important first step that we can take to prevent future maternal deaths is to urge the U.S. Congress to pass The Maternal Health Accountability Act of 2014. If you entered this world through a woman, it is in your best interest to sign this petition.

Here’s why. Ninety percent of all pregnancy and birth-related deaths are preventable. But the causes of birth and pregnancy complications vary from woman to woman. This legislation will accelerate efforts to determine the exact causes, which will help physicians better pinpoint risks then take appropriate measures to ensure that each woman’s pregnancy is as safe as possible.

This bill would bring about several important measures to help us get there:

- mandatory reporting of all pregnancy-related deaths by health care providers

- a maternal mortality review committee per state on pregnancy-related deaths

- a national research program that better identifies and monitors maternal death cases

Listen, no one wants to think about death during one of life’s greatest moments, but the reality is women and children die everyday due to birth and pregnancy complications. When my life was on the line, I stared at my newborn daughter all night. I made a promise to her that I would be okay -- she would not be a motherless child. I want more women to be able to make that promise and to stand behind it.

If we want our government and healthcare leaders to improve maternal health in this country, filling this information gap is absolutely critical. With your signature, we can pressure Congress to make sure that more women and children can survive and go on to live productive lives.

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