Increase Boosted Board Top Speed

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Dear Boosted Boards,

Please issue an OTA software update to increase the cruising speed of the Dual+ to 25mph. Let your riders decide what is safe based on their skills and environment. We don't mind that it will decrease the range of the board. 


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Who should sign this petition, and why?

The Boosted Board is an outstanding product beloved by it's owners, but many of us riders would like to be able to go just a little faster. This petition is for anyone who owns a Boosted Board or is thinking about purchasing one, and wants more speed. A few MPH would make a huge difference. 

Riding in the middle of a lane is often the safest way to ride an electric skateboard in the city, but Boosted Boards has limited the top cruising speed of their fastest board to 20mph (it is not really 22mph as advertised–it attains that speed momentarily as part of "torque roll-off" and immediately slows to 20mph).

Boosted Boards has stated publicly that they can easily make their boards go much faster but have so far chosen not to due to safety concerns ( Meanwhile, competitor boards that are otherwise inferior can go 25mph. All Boosted Boards would have to do would be to issue an OTA software update. 

Boosted Boards says they limit speed for safety reasons, but long boarders routinely travel in excess of 30mph, and they don't even have brakes whereas Boosted's board stops on a dime.

Please sign this petition if you agree that Boosted Boards should leave it up to the rider to decide what is safe for them, based on their skills and the environment they are riding in. 

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