Delhi Govt: Reward reporting of violence against women under the Farishte Dilli Ke Scheme

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A Woman was Stabbed to Death by Her Husband in Public. What was the Public Doing?

Two days back, a woman in Delhi was stabbed to death by her husband in public in broad daylight. A viral video of the violence on social media and news reports also highlight the lack of action by several bystanders. People watched. People recorded a video. But why didn’t they do something to stop the violence? While one understands that it can be scary to intervene in a situation like this, one wonders, could the bystanders have done something else? The police have shared that the violence was reported by a local. Could this call have been made sooner? Could help have been received faster if more people had responded? This incident has only reiterated the importance of my petition for me. I am petitioning the Government of Delhi to include violence against women in the Farishte Dilli Ke scheme which encourages positive bystander action by rewarding Good Samaritans and providing an enabling environment for them. Currently, the scheme is focussed on road accidents, burn injuries and acid attacks. I truly believe that if people are better aware of how to respond, are assured of their safety and rewarded for their efforts, we will in the long run have people being active bystanders. Let’s not wait for another such case to happen where we keep asking ourselves the question, “Why did nobody help?”. Let’s act NOW and do our bit to build safer spaces for women. Please continue to sign and share my petition:

Richa Singh
1 year ago