Cancel Deanza Classes Amid Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

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The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has now declared a health emergency in the area as numerous new accounts of (COVID-19) have spread.which means it’s close to Fremont .While several individuals have been diagnosed with the virus it's important to understand the size and scope of the issue in more detail. We know already that this virus could've very well got out and infected many others in communities but have yet to show any symptoms due to the nature of its structure. This introduces a frightening risk if a Ohlone student has the virus, is not show any symptoms yet, and is spreading it before being diagnosed. There is no vaccine or cure for COVID-19 virus. The most effective measures available currently are non-pharmaceutical preventative measures such as frequent handwashing, avoiding sick people.

I expect that deanza College will do what is right and responsible to retain their integrity in taking these matters seriously.