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Unjust judicial system

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My husband Jonathan Litwin was just sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for a probation violation, he has no new charges and has never been a violent offender, none of his original charges were violent. I feel, as well as many others, that this is very harsh sentence for such a petty crime when child molesters and rapist have been walking away with less than a year in jail. My husband tried reaching out to his probation officer Joseph Bowers for help and his probation officer Joseph Bowers turned him away without offering help. How is it fair that these probation officers can set these people up to fail and throw them in jail when they slip up after asking for help? They are supposed to be there to help these people recover but instead they are more worried about throwing them back in jail the first chance they get! And the judges who sentence are no better! They are giving harsh sentences to petty violations and handing out slaps on the wrist to rapists and child molesters, those are people who have destroyed the lives of others and walk away with less time and innocent people who are trying to get help but struggling spend 4.5 years in prison for a non-violent violation! Please help me get this out there and help me turn this unjust judicial system around! 

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