Help North Carolina become the next state to legalize UTVs for on-road use.

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North Carolinians;

Here's your chance to help make SXS and UTVs road-legal in NC.

By signing this petition, you'll help gather support from the NC General Assembly to amend House Bill 307 (S.L. 2020-40) to include mid-sized utility vehicles, aka SXS or UTVs, for in-state road use and road-legal classification. 

So there isn’t a question and to avoid unwanted attention from NC law enforcement by running out of state tags on your SXS – sign this petition to help NC become the next state to legalize SXS for on-road use.

To check out the full rundown, you can read more here: 



P.S. For those who have SXS in NC and are interested in discussing this movement, please join NC SXS Group and the national Street Legal SXS's Group which are dedicated to the cause.