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Make it harder for people to get guns to commit crime.

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There have been 39,069 gun violence incidents in this country this year. 20,952 injuries and 10,021 deaths. 459 children from ages 0-11 have been killed or injured and 2,153 teenagers killed or injured and the numbers are continuing to go up. In those 10,021 deaths this year my younger brother is included. Deangelo Jerrod Golphin was shot and killed in his car at a gas station on Feb. 11, 2016 a month shy of his 29th birthday. Deangelo is my younger brother, my everything, my ace & one of the best people god ever made and now he is gone. Deangelo was a very giving & loving person, and it's not only me who says it he was loved by everyone. The world lost on Feb.11,2016 not just my family.  I refuse to let what happened to him be for nothing. I have made it my mission to make things like this not happen any more. This is America no matter were we live or where we go we should not have to be fearful that we will be shot. There needs to be less guns in the hands of people who do not need them or are not responsible enough to make good decisions. I would like there to be mandatory background checks, mental health exams, gun owners training & a fine up to jail time for gun owners who don't secure their weapons properly and or don't report stolen & missing weapons, passed in all fifty states. One state having strict gun laws is not enough, America has to get on one accord in order to make gun violence go away.  Guns make bad decisions permanent. My brother Deangelo Jerrod Golphin could have been you or one of your family members. Please do not look past this petition because you think that this has nothing to do with you, because it does. Gun violence is closer to you then you may think.

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