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Hello TFT Community,
This Petition concerns the developing situation with Theater, Film, and Television Dean Teri Schwartz and what appears to be her misuse of UCLA funds to pay for what seems to be exorbitant travel and lodging expenses.
More troubling, is the information coming from TFT Departmental sources(who wish to remain unnamed) that Dean Teri Schwartz is considering reimbursing UCLA by cutting funds from the Theater, Film, and Television department…
As a TFT student, I believe we need a an open discussion and explanation.
From what I understand, Dean Teri Schwartz has worked hard to bring numerous great things to TFT.
BUT, Dean Teri Schwartz DOES owe an explanation to the students, faculty, and staff at TFT. Between crushing student debt, budget cuts to tenured faculty positions, and rising tuition and professional fees our school (and especially our program) cannot afford luxury spending.
I am proud to be a student at UCLA TFT and if this is truly a case of an Administrator misusing our funding we need to know about it and take action. That is inexcusable.
WHAT can you do?
FIRST, if you are interested in an open discussion with Dean Teri Schwartz sign this petition.
SECOND, GET THE WORD OUT !! send the body of this email on to others in your class, program, and department! Post it on Facebook! Talk about it!

Letter to
TFT, UCLA Dean Teri Schwartz
I am a member of the TFT community and I want you to have an open discussion about your questionable travel expenses. Are these necessary? Why? How are you planning to reimburse UCLA? What about the apparent tweaking of invoices to comply with UCLA expense rules? What else that has not been unredacted do we need to know about?

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