Donating Graduation Fees to BLM Movement & Black Charities

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The average graduation fee per student is roughly between $ 108- $ 400. Multiply that by the number of students in your class and that should be the total number of funds your university / college has allocated towards graduation. Due to COVID, the majority of graduations were canceled and the universities SHOULD still have those funds available. 

In response to Dean Matusik's email asking for ways to help, I think our cohort, the MBA Class of 2020, should request that our graduation fees be donated to the BLM movement or to similar black charities. 

Since we had roughly 100 students in our graduating class, this would equate to a total between $ 10,800- $ 40,000 left over in allocated funds.

Our class could also work together to come up with multiple black charities to donate too.  

While words are nice, ACTION is what matters at this point.