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Irene Constantinidis
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As a public university, Stony Brook takes pride in offering a wide variety of majors and praises the academic diversity that is present on its campus. I am a Linguistics major going into my fourth and final year at Stony Brook. I also will be pursuing a MS in Speech Pathology immediately after my graduation. In order to get into such programs I, as well as other students, need prerequisite courses to be accepted. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Sacha Kopp sent a letter to the Department of Linguistics this morning, March 27, 2018 stating the termination of our only Speech Pathology course instructor Joseph Hoffman. There was no reason and no explanation. Many, if not most, students that are Linguistics majors at Stony Brook University are intending on pursuing careers as Speech Language Pathologists or just happen to take interest in those courses and are now scrambling for ways to do that since these core courses are nowhere to be found on this campus. If this does not get fixed as soon as possible, the department will face repercussions as there are few students that do not take these courses. First it was Theater, then it was the Humanities, and now it has hit the social sciences. So much for diversity, when administration only supports the STEM majors, and drains the budgets of Linguistics and many other majors in the process.

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