Request for a Discount on MBA Course fee due to Covid-19 impact

Request for a Discount on MBA Course fee due to Covid-19 impact

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Students, Class of MBA 2018/2020 - Weekend started this petition to Dean - Postgraduate and Mid-Career Development Unit and

Master of Business Administration,

Weekend Programme,

Class of 2018/ 2020.

02-January, 2020.


Professor M. P. P. Dharmadasa,

The Dean - Postgraduate & Mid-Career Development Unit,

Faculty of Management & Finance,

University of Colombo,

Colombo 07



Professor A. A. Aziz

The Unit Coordinator-Postgraduate & Mid-Career Development Unit (FMF)


Dear Professor Dharmadasa,

Request for a Discount on the MBA Course Fee-Rs 550,000/- due to Covid-19 impact

In the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, lives of human beings & entire global organizational practices have transformed into forceful enactment & configuration to the new normalcy with no alternatives. We, Sri Lankans too are victims of the unanticipated devastation caused on the lives of each & every one of us along with our families,on Social & Economic Security, which endures even after ten months of prevailing distraught circumstances.

Class of weekend MBA 2018/2020 extremely grateful for the efforts made by the PGMCDU to continue the MBA programme amidst the epidemic but we are confronting the said hysterical challenges causing distress & incapacity to fulfill the course fee of Rs550,000/-. We were awaiting patiently for more than ten months expecting things to normalize but to no avail, which compelled us,in requesting a waiver of the third installment due,which would amount to Rs160,000/- on the course fee. We also would like to emphasize the prime obstacles face by us which are true beyond the foreseeable future at this moment of time.

  1. Majority of us are employed in the severely affected Private Sector with the only means of income being, the monthly net remuneration.
  2. Self-funded,by way of employment income,is the ONLY source of financing the MBA programme for larger number of us.
  3. Almost all of us are enduring a compulsory pay-cut ranging from 15% to 60% which would be indefinite.
  4. 100% cut on performance bonuses, allowances& other fringe benefits indefinitely, which will NOT be revoked for least, two financial years.
  5. Either the student or immediate family member is suffering from loss of employment, worsening economic burden & psychological distress.
  6. Failure of fulfilling collateral bounded financial obligation, which is priority at this moment over educational commitments,which could lead to abandon the MBA.

We, the Class of MBA 2018/2020, firmly believe that we are Fair & Just in our request on the waiver of the third installment on the course fee, considering that PGMCDU of the University of Colombo a Nonprofit Institution, we are confident the Administration would be generous & compassionate to grant our humble request at this moment of extreme & treacherous times.

We would respectfully request a round of discussion with you Sir, at your convenience, along with our respected Programme Coordinators where we had the preliminary dialogues with.

Humbly awaiting your favourable response.

Thank You,

Your’s Sincerely,

Class of MBA 2018/2020 –Weekend

  • Class of MBA 2018/2020 - Master of Business Administration
  • Class of MBA 2018/2020 - Finance
  • Class of MBA 2018/2020 - Marketing
  • Class of MBA 2018/2020 - Human Resources
  • Class of MBA 2018/2020 - Accounting & Information Management


  • Dr. S. B. Ranasinghe - Programme Coordinator, MBA
  • Dr. Tharindu Ediriwicrama - Programme Coordinator, Finance
  • Mr. W. G. Premeratne - Programme Coordinator, Marketing
  • Dr. Mayuri Attapattu - Programme Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Mr. R. M. R. B. Rajapakse - Programme Coordinator, AIM
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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!