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Animal torture! Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania must hold students accountable!

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Donald Young, Assistant Vice President, Dean of Students

Bloomsburg University, 400 E. Second Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815-1301

We the undersigned are writing to encourage you to impose severe sanctions pursuant to Bloomsburg University Code of Conduct against the student Morgan Ehrenzeller. The misconduct of the aforementioned, Morgan Ehrenzeller, is in clear and indisputable violation of the Student Code of Conduct as brought forth by the Bloomsburg University. At minimum Morgan Ehrenzeller is in violation of:

I. Code of Conduct Section B Subsection 2: Underage students in possession of/transporting/consuming or who consumed alcohol. Subsection 9: Other alcohol-related misconduct. Section M Subsection 1: Engaging in harassing, intimidating, or threatening conduct.

The consequences of Morgan Ehrenzeller’s actions should be at minimum, but not limited to, the following:

1. Alcohol and Drug Probation

2. Suspension in Abeyance

3. Counseling Referral   As you likely know, mental health professionals and top law enforcement officials consider animal abuse as a red flag. The American Psychiatric Association identifies cruelty to animals as one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct disorders. The link between animal abuse and interpersonal violence is undeniable.

4. Educational Sanctions   100 hours community service in a wildlife rehabilitation facility under the strict and direct supervision of a licensed wildlife rehabber might instill some respect for wildlife in Morgan Ehrenzeller.

The perverse and undeniable torment of this animal has attracted the attention of people and organizations across the country because, sadly, it’s just as bad as it sounds. This was no ordinary act of cruelty. Morgan Ehrenzeller recorded the abuse through video and still pictures posted to his “Snapchat” account. His mother has excused his behavior by publicly acknowledging his presence and that he was the one taking the video and pictures, but also describes him as him trying to stop the abuse and torture; the video and pictures are proof to the exact opposite of her account. He is responsible for the repeated, willful torture of a restrained opossum where the animal could not escape torment. The circumstances are particularly heinous. The opossum was forced to consume alcohol, forcibly kissed by a human, forcibly manhandled by the neck which is incredibly painful for an Opossum, and one picture would suggest that the animal was punched in the abdominal while being forcibly kissed. The event was both videotaped and photographed by Morgan Ehrenzeller and posted onto his “Snapchat.” Still photographs of the abuse are still circulating on the internet. Even those who are not seen abusing this animal wielded a camera and, in so doing, are encouraging the continued torture of the opossum. All present are flat-out amused by the abuse and torture. In the video, all can be heard laughing and encouraging and finding great pleasure in the torture, therefore all persons present are guilty of abuse.

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