Offering the Pass/Fail grading option in Dalhousie to address the COVID-19 situation

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Due to the difficulties many Dalhousie students did/will face from the COVID-19 outbreak, which might drastically impact their academic performance, we (the students of Dalhousie university and King's College) think that there should be an option of making our classes graded through a Pass/Fail mark scheme. To briefly explain the pass/fail grading option, students only receive a pass or fail grade instead of receiving the traditional letter grade (A,B...etc). A key aspect of the Pass/Fail grading option is that it does not have any effect on a student's GPA. Rather, students who get a passing grade will only receive the credit hours. I reemphasize that this grading scheme is NOT mandatory and that a student can either choose to apply this grading option or not. Those who wish to remain at the current-applied grading system can do so but the student must choose one grading system only, meaning either all their courses follow the Pass/Fail scheme or non do. Not every student who votes for this option is necessarily obliged to implement it, a student can choose to accept this option or not only after their personal agreement. We want this option to be available to students that might need it. Furthermore, we want to bring to attention that this procedure took place in other universities across Canada.          

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