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Keep the Class together

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The College recently announced changes to the Convocation Ceremonies for the Class of 2017 and presumably all subsequent classes. Rather than graduating as one Class and receiving our diplomas from President Zimmer and Dean Boyer, eight separate, concurrent diploma ceremonies will take place where students will be grouped by original dormitory and receive their diplomas from the current Resident Master of that dorm. The morning ceremony involving the conferral of degrees remains unchanged.

Most students do not remain in their House beyond second-year, and most students' social circles encompass individuals from their House, RSOs, teams, classes, and Greek Life. Limiting the individuals with whom students can share this day is unnecessary. Furthermore, most students have little connection to their former Resident Masters, while all students feel some connection to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by virtue of their attending the University of Chicago.

This change is antithetical to the unity that the College aims for in all other aspects of our education: From the time we set foot on this campus and walk through Hull Gate, we are one class united in the pursuit of knowledge. These changes divide us along largely arbitrary and long-insignificant divisions drawn by the Housing Office some four years ago. The College should reverse its decision and continue awarding diplomas to the Class as a whole.

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