Please Help Save the Wildwood Deer

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The City of Charles City has decided to take the unusual move of wanting an entire herd of deer to be killed, possibly as large as 150 deer at Wildwood Golf course in Northeast Iowa.   We are unhappy with the limited research involved in this decision.  We have reached out to other golf courses in Iowa, as well as in the immediate area and they have successfully used other methods to deter deer away.  None of these methods have been tried.  

We have nothing wrong with hunters or golfers we just need to make sure that the proper due diligence is done here.   

Deer are creatures of habits, and repellents need to be placed respectfully, if done incorrectly, than they will only move.  Deer also help the ecosystem and are vital to its success.  If done correctly, repellent options can also provide a unique appeal to golfers, with various flowers and grasses being involved.  Alongside this would need to be an electric fence, pellet approach or odor offensive.  These are the most common ways but we have heard several others.   We are very confident we can help fix this solution and seek your support in doing so.  Please join us to save this herd.