Stop written exams for Accounting at UKZN

Stop written exams for Accounting at UKZN

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Wethe Students started this petition to Dean and Head of School

To the Dean and Head of School, Professor Maputo Sibanda

We the third year B Comm (Accounting) students appeal to you to stop the written final exams for the third year Accounting modules. We believe that the call for written final exams by the third year lecturers is ridiculous and utterly irresponsible. We call on you to end this and ensure that the exams are online.

Our reasonings for this appeal are:

1.       The COVID pandemic is running rampant across South Africa. Many of us live with our elderly folks and grandfolks and being forced to write written final exams will expose our elders to the deathly virus and we do not want to be responsible for the deaths of our familys just because Accounting is irresponsibly calling us to have written exams.

2.       Many of us students suffer with multiple co-morbidities and will not be able to come onto the campus to write the written final exams. These will now automatically be failed or they will be forced to expose themselves to the deathly virus.

3.       Many of the lecturers are actually incompetent to come back to the campus. Dr Nomlala has underlying health issues while Ms Bargate is way too old and we declare it is irresponsible to force these lecturers to come back to consult and watch us write written exams.

4.       All of the invigilators are grannies and grandpas. They look haggard like they have underlying health issues and will probably drop dead if they even think about the deathly virus. Without them to invigilate, who will invigilate us? We will just copy everyone!

5.       There is no social distancing and mask using on campus. This enlarges the risk of the above four factors and shows that we are at risk if you are irresponsible and force us to have written exams.

6.       The oval residence has been shut down because it is condemned. Many of the third year accounting students are staying in the oval residence and now they cannot because of the condemnation. Where will these students stay during the exams?

7.       The university is not having lectures because it is a health risk. How can we have written exams as it will be a bigger health risk. At every exam at least one student has a whooping cough and now they will be carrying the COVID.

8.       We have not been given study leave to study for the final exams. The university rules state that we need study leave for exams. It is then illegal for us to have exams with no study leaves.

To finish we believe that the third year accounting lecturers in the School of Accounting is being irresponsible by trying to force us to write written exams.

With regards


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