Abandonment of HOD water carnival due to national water crisis

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As an alumni of Nixor College , Class of 2011, I`d like to petition the abandonment of HOD water carnival hosted by Nixor College annually , due to a national water crisis. 
All of us are aware that Pakistan is currently facing a major water crisis due to multiple variables , the seriousness of which , can be measured by the fact that it has been predicted by relevant authorities that we will be running out of water in next 6-8 years. 
House of Dreams Carnival , no matter how much fun , is mainly a water carnival which uses up a lot of water for the activities planned. It is an annual event and has been a Nixor College tradition. As a member of the community , I know how important traditions are. That said, traditions can temporarily be put on hold in the face of a national crisis.
I would like to petition to The Dean of Nixor College Mr. Nadeem Ghani , to kindly take this into consideration. I am pretty sure this decision , if taken , will be lauded by the community.