Keep the DUSA Bookshops Open

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DUSA has recently announced that the bookshops at the Waurn Ponds, Waterfront, and Warrnambool campuses. They claim that the students have "asked for" a digital shop, which is something I find hard to believe, as the idea behind an "on the spot" bookshop, is to get your books/stationary/essentials when you need it. DUSA has announced they will be offering "click and collect" services, along with deliveries with 24-48 hours of ordering books, but it is still not ideal for us university students.

Along with losing the bookshop, we lose the ability to top up our deakin card offline, along with the ability to top up our Myki cards. Students have been demanding the DUSA student body for a Myki machine on campus for years now but no action has been taken.

Personally, I heavily rely on the bookshop for snacks between classes, discounted stationary and drinks, last minute requirements (a ruler for an exam, a calculator, e.t.c.). I attempted to reach out on the DUSA Facebook page to whoever requested a digital website, but received no feedback. My comments in regards to my retaliation of the decision received some considerable attention on the Facebook page, and I am hoping to solidify the concrete through this petition and gather enough people to help me deliver the message to DUSA/Deakin.

Keep the bookshop that is already there, don't shut it down.

Personal story
Personal story?

I came to deakin from overseas about 4 years ago now, and I've spent a massive portion of time on campus, getting to know people. One of the amazing people I got to know was one of the staff at the bookshop (not sharing names, cause you know). I visited the bookshop so many times for different things, so often that they memorised my student ID. As a volunteer for DUSA for the past 4 years, and all the time I dedicated, I feel like this is a major kick where it hurts. What kind of university doesn't have a bookshop? And why does Burwood get to keep theirs? Help me fight for a better Geelong campus for me and you B)

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