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Respect the Deaf Community

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Kylie Kirkpatrick has been hired to teach American Sign Language at Napa Valley College and we are upset about this. Kylie has been known to be a habitual, unethical community ASL Interpreter. She has been approached by several interpreters and Deaf community members about her unethical habits while interpreting and she has refused to have a respectful dialogue about this. We are upset that the college has hired her, since she has no BA/BS or MA/MS and she is NOT a certified Interpreter. She is a rogue interpreter and has been observed as not adhering to the Code of Ethics. Many Deaf community members have already contacted Napa Valley College and they have ignored or passed their responsibility off to other staff members. It seems as if they don't care about our concerns and complaints, nor do they respect our community by being unwilling to have a conversation about their hiring of someone who is NOT qualified to teach.  We know that there are power in numbers from the success that happened with Deaf President Now protest and we need your help to get our voices heard. Our goal is to get Napa Valley College to no longer employ Kylie as an ASL Instructor. We can't stop her from being a rogue interpreter for our community, but we can complain hopefully have our voices heard if we do it together. 

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