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Deadline Monday -- Tell the Obama Administration: Don't roll back National Forest protections.



You might not expect to hear that the Obama Administration's proposed National Forestry Management rules are weaker than Ronald Reagan's, but that unfortunately is the case.

The proposed Forestry rules replace 30-year-old mandatory forest and wildlife protections with subjective guidelines that make it easier to prioritize logging and other extractive activities over the protection of the fish, wildlife and ecosystems of America's National Forest System - 175 forests and grasslands comprising an area the size of Texas.

The U.S. Forest Service is accepting comments on the new rules until Monday, May 16th. Wildlife and conservation groups are demanding stronger rules, and it's essential that we help build the call to protect the vast, preserved areas of our National Forests.

Tell the Obama Administration: Don't weaken National Forest protections. Submit a public comment by the Monday Deadline.


Letter to
U.S. Forest Service US Department of Agriculture
As someone who cares about protecting America's natural treasures for future generations, I strongly oppose the proposed national forest management rule.

The Forest Service must strengthen this rule to include mandatory wildlife sustainability standards and clear accountability measures; mandate that the Forest Service utilize the best available scientific information; and guarantee safe, clean water with enforceable management standards.

We must not jeopardize our priceless National Forests, the irreplaceable recreational opportunities they offer, the thousands of species that live in them, or their water supplies which millions of people depend on.


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