Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield denying FDA approved life saving medicine for father of 3

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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield has denied my husband, Greg Painter (age 41), and father of 3 children an FDA approved medicine (Cometriq also known as cabozantinib) that can give my husband quality of life along with saving his life and giving him more time with his children.  Without this medicine my husband Greg does not have much time to live and will die.   This medication is available and often approved off label through insurance companies for kidney cancer patients but our insurance company, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, is denying us the medicine and therefore denying my children the life of their father.  This is an FDA approved medicine for certain cancers and currently being fast tracked for kidney cancer due to the amazing data results that were seen through clinical trials.  Greg was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the age of 36 and has done everything and anything in his power to be alive today because he wants so strongly to be here for and with his children.  Greg's children are his world and he wants nothing more than to have as much time with them as possible.  My husband Greg and I started dating when I was 14 and he was 16 and we have been together ever since.  We have 3 wonderful children together who mean everything to us.  I am reaching out to anyone who can help.  When I call the insurance company begging for someone to help me, I am only one of many voices to them, one of many calls that come through their phone lines.  Greg and my children are my world and I need my voice not to just be another caller asking questions but to please be heard by someone that can help. Greg has beaten all odds with his cancer due to his determination to live and now the only thing in our way is Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield denying us the medicine he needs so that he does not die. I would really like to ask the decision makers at Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield what decision they would make if this was their dad or their son who needed the FDA approved medicine to improve the quality of life along with saving the life of their loved one who would die very soon without this medication.   Please someone help me to be heard.  In the eyes of my children, I am not just another voice like I am to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield but I am the voice that needs to be heard in order to save their fathers life and give him the quality of life that he deserves.  I am asking for the life of my husband not to come to an end because of an FDA approved medicine that the insurance company is denying but has the power to approve as it has done so many times before for kidney cancer patients.  Sincerely, Rian (wife),   Greg Jr, Nate and Kayla (children)


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