Justice for wronged DMU students of ACFI3310-Advanced Corporate Finance

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Dear Students, 

Students studying ACFI3310 have suffered an injustice, as you may have heard. This petition is to ensure that a fair, speedy and thorough investigation is carried out and to ensure accurate and fair grades are awarded. The feedback combined from everyone to shape this petition.

1) The content of the exam was significantly deviated from the lecture and tutorial materials - especially the revision material.

2) There was no consistency with lectures/seminars, the online quizzes and previous exams.

3) We were not taught nor guided towards question 22 cii (Black Scholes). We appreciate we're required to do further reading, but the syllabus was clearly set out with only calculations.

4) Failure to review the exam paper prior to the exam. This is appalling – multiple announcements were made throughout the exam. This distracted us, we lost our confidence in the accuracy and quality of the entire exam.

5) As a third year exam, the phrasing and structure was unclear at times. Sentences did not make sense, and the marks were not allocated clearly.  

6) We were briefed by Lecturers that there will be questions addressing one topic at a time. The exam, however, had questions which combined multiple topics. This was an incorrect steer.

7) Our confidence in our results for this exam is extremely low. The exam was difficult because we were misled and thus felt unprepared during the exam.

8) This was the first exam for most students. The exam has severely affected some students, who are now suffering anxiety and stress. This has shattered our morale and confidence for the remainder of our exams (up to 7 exams).


Please support this petition because the outcome it will affect our final grades, and thus future opportunities. 

Together we can make a positive change!

Kind regards,

DMU Student Representatives


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