Extend the submission deadline

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Hi I am Yuki, a student rep of MA Digital Culture and Society.

This is a petition to demand the Department of Digital Humanities to delay the submission deadlines. Our points are as follows.

  • We understand that the industrial action is completely legal rights of the teachers.
  • However, it should not but it did affect our study. Specifically: 
  • A) missed classes (How can we write about something we did not learn about?) 
  • B) Missed office hours and e-mail inquiries (This is our right and is very important in writing essays)
  • C) Delayed dissertation supervisor meetings ( some not even conveyed yet)

=> Thus we believe they should delay the deadline for 4 weeks for the following submissions 

  1. Essays for the second semester (May 2018)
  2. Dissertation  ( Sep 2018) 

I have talked with my supervisor Dr Zeena Feldman and she was 100% supportive of this claim. 

It needs to be mentioned that we think students who want to submit earlier can definitely do that. But it is far fairer for all of us if they delay the submission deadline, given the tremendous impact the industrial action has had. 

Also, we believe It should be applied to ALL the students at DDH (not the 'individual basis' template) even though some modules were not cancelled because they are conveyed by the external lecturers. 

I and Leo, the other student rep, will talk about it with DDH at Student School Liason Committee OFFICIALLY. We would like to know how many students at DDH agree and would like to claim it as a COLLECTIVE OPINION.

Please give us your thoughts and suggestions if any.

Thank you for your support!