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One of the biggest problems in hostel is the amazing mess that we have to pay for forcefully, even if we don't eat it the whole week.

BREAKFAST: WE CAN'T EVEN REACH THE CLASS ON TIME. Sorry we can't sit and enjoy the breakfast. (wasted)

LUNCH: Most of us get a 50 min break. The starting 10-15 min of which are wasted and the rest in which we have to come FROM the school to the hostel and then go BACK TO the school which makes like 25 min leaving us a total of 10-15 min to eat and sorry, most of us won't like to come and eat in such a hurry. ( more than half wasted)

DINNER: The most asked question in every group of friends: RAAT K KHANAY KA KYA KARNA HAI? YAAR KUCH KHANAY KO HAI? (THE MOST FAVORITE QUESTION) Im extremely sorry to say that dinner is one of the most unwanted and we are sleeping through it most of the times. (Almost completely wasted)

The point of all the things mentioned above is that most of the food is wasted and not just food, our money is also wasted with it because we are FORCED to pay for something we don't eat/can't eat/don't want to eat. Its time to CHANGE THIS and save the resources ie BOTH FOOD AND MONEY. 

Solution: Introducing a biometric attendance system where you have to mark your mess attendance and have to pay accordingly.

Benefits: 1. FOOD SAVING (because the number of people ACTUALLY eating the mess meals will be calculated in a week and the amount of food cooked can be changed accordingly) 2. MONEY SAVING( WE ONLY PAY FOR WHAT WE EAT)