Get Che off the wall

Get Che off the wall

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Started by Seán Toner

There is no other product of the Student Union present on DCU grounds that best demonstrates their moral bankruptcy, than the union-funded and Union-erected portrait of Communist mass-murderer Che Guevara, that adorns the halls of the U-building.

A mere 200 meteres from the school of law and government, hangs a monument to the man who executed hundereds of men, women and children by firing squads without judge or jury, proudly declaring: "Judicial proof is an archaic, bourgeois detail".

A mere 10 yards from where the Rainbow banners proudly fly, hangs the likeness of a vicious totalitarian who sent gay and lesbian individuals to the death camps of Fidel Castro's brutal regime. 

The Student Union makes a great deal of the phrase "let our voices be heard", while simultaneously paying homage to the most brutal thug in Castrite Cuba, the man who enforced his censorship of the press and media with underground cells and torture Chambers, the man who's very name caused thousands of Cubans to flee their homeland on homemade boats, the man who imprisoned and silenced all those who criticised him or his government. 

Let's remove this ugly stain on our campus, this monument to a blood-soaked apostle of terror and violence. Sign this petition to let the SU know, that Communist murderers have no place at DCU. 




21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!