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Keep Mrs. Jeanette Thomas at Alimacani Elementary

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Superintendent Willis,

This petition has been started in support of Mrs. Jeanette Thomas, who is a 1st grade teacher at Alimacani Elementary School. She was informed today by your office that she will be transferred to another school much farther from her home because of budget issues. The transfer of Mrs. Thomas will create a HUGE negative impact on my child's education and the other 17 children in her class as well as disrupt classes for the ENTIRE first grade level of Alimacani. These children are just getting back to school after missing a week for Irma. Now they are going to be "grandfathered" in to another class, with new students and a new teacher that has new expectations. Our children have the basic right to routine in their classroom and to feel safe that their teacher is there for them. This transfer creates a unnessecary social and emotional burden on our children. You were elected to protect our children's right to education and routine and I expect you to do this. After speaking with several parents, we will not stand for this happening in our schools and if this practice of transferring teachers mid-year continues more of us will turn to charter schools instead of public education.

Mrs. Thomas is a new mom to a beautiful daughter, Camille and her husband is currently battling a rare form of cancer. Last September, while Mrs. Thomas was pregnant with their first child, the unthinkable happened and her husband suffered a stroke. Alimacani staff and teachers donated days so Mrs. Thomas could be home to help her husband recuperate. In November 2016, their daughter was born and she went out on FMLA, supposed to return mid February. By February 1, the Thomas family was in Houston at M.D. Anderson as they were no longer eligible for clinical trials here in Jacksonville. Mrs. Thomas was forced to resign for the remaining of the school year with hopes to return to Alimacani this year.  Thankfully her husband is winning the cancer battle and they have been able to return to Jacksonville with the hopes of getting life back to normal. NEVER was she told she would lose her tenure. It makes no sense, that after only 5 1/2 months out she loses credit for 6+ years of hard work and dedication to her students. 

All of these reasons are why I wholeheartedly ask you to reconsider the transfer of Mrs. Thomas and reinstate her tenure. Our Principal, teachers and staff are all in support of keeping Mrs. Thomas at Alimacani. All situations are not black and white when there are extenuating circumstances. Just as teachers are expected to see the gray areas and teach individual children based on their individual needs, the same should be the case for our teachers! They are our most precious asset and we must treat them as such.

I will be emailing and hand delivering this letter to your office on Tuesday 10/3/17.

Thank you and I will be awaiting your response, 

Chelsea Schultz, Parent to 3 DCPS students Email:


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