Reinstate Richard Trogisch as Principal of SWWHS and SWWFS.

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The School Without Walls faculty, students and families are calling for an immediate reinstatement of Richard Trogisch as Principal of our respective schools.

The community is extremely disappointed and concerned in response to Principal Richard Trogisch’s removal as principal of School Without Walls High School and School Without Walls at Francis Stevens. Principal Trogisch consistently advocated for us as students but also as members of the DC community. Under his leadership, School Without Walls excelled and is now ranked as the top public high school in the city. Removing Principal Trogisch at this time may cause a number of devastating impacts on the School Without Walls community. His removal destabilizes the school community in this already chaotic time. During this difficult time, we are all craving some normalcy, and removing Principal Trogisch undermines the school’s stability and increases the trauma of the time period. Principal Trogisch consistently advocated for us and for our voices to be heard. We can see that advocacy slipping away in real-time.

As School Without Walls students, we are deeply concerned and unsettled by Principal Trogisch’s removal and DCPS’s subsequent response to it. The response was quite contradictory and unclear. SWW community members, including students, parents, and others, have speculated that the removal was due to his resistance to schools reopening, but we were told not to speculate and our conclusions have not been confirmed nor denied.

Whether or not this was the reason, we deserve clarity regarding why he was terminated because our voices and education matter.