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A Whole New Way to See and Teach the World

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I am a 6th grader at Deal Middle School in Washington, DC.  I recently found out that the maps commonly used to teach geography in America, including in Washington, DC, are not accurate.  They show a distorted view of the world and the sizes of the continents.  This means that Europe and North America appear much larger than they actually are, while Africa and South America appear much smaller than they actually are.  This is because our maps date to 1569!  A more accurate map of the world was developed in 1974 and it is called the Peter's projection map. I want Washington, DC schools to start using Peter's projection maps in all classrooms.

Boston Public Schools administrators recently decided to replace the maps in their classrooms with the more accurate Peter's maps.  This is important because students will get a better understanding of the world.  There is also another consideration:  in the past, students with roots from Africa or South America always thought that Europe and North America were the bigger continents.  But actually, South America and Africa are much larger. In addition to correcting basic mistakes about geography, this different view of the world can actually make kids feel better about their backgrounds.      

Please sign this petition and help me convince District of Columbia Public School administrators, Mayor Muriel Bowser, and our City Council to introduce accurate world maps into our classrooms.

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