Allow vehicles to enter Gokhale Road from Teen Haath Naka

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The recent decision of Thane Traffic Police to stop vehicular entry to Gokhale Road from Teen Hath Naka is a disastrous one. The entire station-bound traffic now has to hit the LBS Road, thus creating a huge bottleneck at Hari Niwas Circle. Thus this change only succeeds in diverting the bottleneck rather than solving any problem. To stop entry on such a pivotal road is very silly and short sighted. A more practical solution would have been to have a flexible road divider in line with the traffic flow, ie, to reserve 3/4th of the road for station-bound traffic till 3 pm and after 3 pm, to have 3/4th of the road for traffic moving towards Teen Hath Naka. Equally important for better traffic flow is to remove hawkers, stop random parking (especially 4 wheelers - no action is taken against them) and fill the potholes. Making a street one way is like closing the eyes and believing that it's night. Let us together request the authorities to take note and take corrective action at the earliest.