Keep Profe Castañeda-Liles at SCU -- Give Her the Tenure She Deserves!

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Ask any student who knows Professor María Del Socorro Castañeda-Liles, and they will vouch for how inspiring and outstanding of a professor she is. Not only does she excel as a teacher, but she serves as an exceptional role model and mentor, especially for Latinx students on campus, and even more so for Latina women students. We are losing her at a time when we need her most as a support system, at a time when hate on this campus is high and a time when we are also losing two other important Latina women mentors on campus --Ana María Pineda and Lulu Santana. Profe Castañeda-Liles strives to make sure that all are welcomed here --that though the world may be telling us that college isn't a place for us, that it is. That we belong here. That she made it and so can we. Words cannot describe how sad we are to see her go.

The reason for her leaving is because she was not given tenure, which I think we all can agree is ridiculous. She was chastised for not publishing her book on time. We believe it is absurd that she be punished for maintaining the integrity of her work and research while balancing teaching and mentoring. Profe Castañeda-Liles refused to compromise her work and the stories of the women featured in her research, and the quality of her mentorship. Those of us signing this petition stand by her decision of integrity. We demand that Santa Clara University and Provost Dennis Jacobs #BringBackProfeSoco and #GiveCastañedaLilesTenure.