Give our babies back

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My name is ashly I am starting this petition in hopes to get someone's attention for my sisters case. My sister is 21 years old never a felon, never convicted of anything, finished school and clean as a whistle. My sister married a man she fell in love with when she was 18 he's older than her. He does have a past although its not a past to worry about. They got married shortly after she had my niece and they were the perfect family. Soon after she had my nephew. We've been through a lot so to see my sister happy with a family motivated me. One day though my sister and her husband got into a argument which began to get heated after 15 minutes. It was me, my sister, her husband, my niece(almost 2) and my nephew(2 months) in the house. Me and my sister were outside when we got locked out. A few minutes later local officers showed up about a disturbance due to the yelling so early. The office who showed up just so happened to be a previous officer who had a personal problem with my sisters husband. My sister told them everything was fine it was just a minor argument but if they could just make him leave for a bit they said let us talk to him. After about 10 minutes they came back out of the house went to their car. All of a sudden they come back into the yard and tell my sister they have to take one of them to jail because it was domestic violence. We were shocked she cried and said no he did not do anything they still took him that day. She bailed him out the next day he wasn't aloud home now they said there was protective order he couldn't violate. So he stayed at a motel for the night with a friend. My sister took him his car the next day so he wouldn't be in the streets completely like Seminole county thought he should be. As they left McDonalds after grabbing the kids lunch they were surrounded by cops and DCF. They had been watching them they arrested him again and this time took my sisters kids. She was heartbroken her children just taken away because she was worried about her husband being homeless and Seminole county police and judges being petty. My sister fought with child protective services for 3 months to get her children back doing every little thing they asked her to do while her husband remained locked up. It tore our home apart. We couldn't afford the bills because he helped me and her to pay them. In 3 months time span we were without water, barely eating, barely able to see our babies, no power for a few weeks all due to lies told by a sworn in officer and the Seminole county court system. A year later my sister yet has gotten her children back. They stay in separate homes in different areas. Their getting bigger and bigger and she's missing it all a good mother is missing the important times in her child's life. My sister had her third and last child yesterday. This is the worst part. She had her third c section she's been waiting, anticipating this moment all year because she's missed being a mother. She birthed my second nephew at 7 am about yesterday she took photos the whole time to cherish it family and friends were there to meet him it was like any other mothers moment in the hospital. But, in the back of her mind she knew what was going to happen. She knew her time was running low. 24 hours after her c section she was leaving the hospital not caring what they had to say about it because she knew they were coming for her son. She could feel it. My sister left the hospital with 2 hours of rest that's it mind you fresh out of a painful surgery. All she wanted was to take her child home and breastfeed him in peace. 20 minutes after being home I swear on everything the casselberry police swarmed my sisters house with DCF. They yelled over the fence for her to come outside with the not even a day old baby now. She walked outside did not let them in the fence and asked what they wanted. The same lady who took my sisters children a year ago stood there and said " your just trying to avoid the inevitable, were going to take him" my sister was in tears by now she hadn't even got to bond with my nephew wasn't even home and hour and here they were ready to take her still breastfeeding son from her. A year later after she's been to 47 supervised visits with CPS, been to court 8 times, been to 10 counseling sessions to prove her capability to the courts, missed two important birthdays shell never get back, missed a years worth of holidays presents still piled up, missed the potty training of her first her daughter, missed her sons first steps, felt the emptiness in the house and children's rooms for a year. No mother can get those moments back and now she stands here a day out of the hospital in pain with her newborn son in her arms as she hears those words again she never thought she would hear. She feels hopeless, she feels like running away with her last child she's got so she doesn't lose him too, she feels like giving up like no one is there to help, like our government and justice system is no help, she feels like letting go which is sad. Its sad that our system is so corrupt it wants to tear good families apart. The situation which caused this case to emerge was a personal problem amongst the officer and her husband and the judge and my sister because she snapped her first day in court over them taking her kids. The caseworker who lied on my sister the last year was fired yet they won't look into why my sister can't have the kids back when they proved that it wasn't her not cooperation it was cps. The system is corrupt I made this to get help. No one will stand up to the higher power but when they are the wrong ones they need to be corrected just like they do us the people they are no different. *Update* they came and surrounded my father's home and took the breast feeding two day old baby lucid my third and final nephew from my sister . They now have three of her children she's dieing on the inside. Please sign and share this for every mother struggling to get their babies back from foster homes and most of all for my sister who deserves the help. Please sign and share.