I want my kids home.

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This really isn't a petition. I need people to sign on my behalf that I deserve my kids back. 

Long story short, DCF in MA took my kids August 21st, 2017 because of mental health. (Depression according to them) Since then, I have completed Anger Management, Domestic Violence classes, Parenting class (on-going, doesn't have an end date) and have been engaged weekly in Therapy. I have never missed visits with my kids and I have never been late. I have not been diagnosed with depression. You cannot take children for Mental Health. If that was the case, I know alot of people whos kids would be pulled into the system. 

Massachusetts DCF got approved for me to have an expedited ICPC. (NH DCYF involvement for a home study) The day it got approved by the judge, it was supposed to be sent out within 24 hours... GUESS WHAT? It sat on a desk in Boston for 30 days before being sent. (I called the MA Governors office because It was never sent and that day it was sent because the Governor's office called DCF) It was denied because it was expired. And the process had to be started over to get an ICPC granted by a judge. (NH DCYF is now involved since I now live in NH.)

Now that NH is involved, I have to jump through more hoops to get them home because NH and MA are two very different states. I am told I should live in MA because it would be easier for me to get them back because they would already be home.

**They (NH DCYF) want people to vouch for me to say that I am not an alcoholic and that I do not abuse my children. I am completely againt physical force on a child and if you know me, you know that I would never ever hurt my children. You would also know that I do not have a drinking problem anymore.**