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I’m a DC Universe Streaming Service subscriber, like you, most likely.

Today I’m asking for your support on this petition, to request the DC Universe Streaming Service to renew the show ‘Doom Patrol’ for a second season.

In today’s day and age, shows have become a safe haven for people to escape to for a couple hours and be distracted with their favorite characters and stories.

’Doom Patrol’ is a show that breaks all stereotypes on what the standards for a ‘super hero’ show are. It shows us a side of these characters that is flawed, relatable, human. ‘Doom Patrol’ doesn’t shy away from the ‘weirdness’ factor, it embraces it, making for unique story-telling oportunities in the future.

Aside from the excelent cast and the magnificent writing of the show. The show explores a lot of very important social problematics of our age.

It explores body dysmorphia, LGBT+ shamming and hiding, mental illness, the loss of everything, grief and many other subjects of vital importance in today’s society.

In a wide ocean of irrelevant shows with plots that don’t go anywhere and with the lack of a powerful message, like the one ‘Doom Patrol’ provides. It is very clear why a show like ‘Doom Patrol’ HAS to survive.

The fact that it is a DCU exclusive even after it’s original release, has made the show’s mainstream popularity drop considerably. And as you may already know, shows with low popularity rates get axed.

What I’m asking from you today, is to help us out with your signature on this petition so that together we may show the DCU Streaming Service that ‘Doom Patrol’ is a franchise worth renewing.

Thanks for your time and dedication to this show!


Immense love,


Joseph Machuca