Bring New Season of "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" to DC Universe

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235 Update

First, I would just like to thank everyone who signed. You all are helping to get this out to others who may not know about this petition. Second, I wanted to let you know this month is one of the best times to share the petition since its counter part show that also got cancelled (Young Justice) is releasing the second part on season 3 onto DC Universe. Those who helped bring that show back may also what to help bring back this one. All I ask is for you to share this petition (including the link) out onto your different social media accounts. I personally try to share this on pinterest, tumblr, instgram, and twitter every month to try to get more people to join in with us. I almost always manage to get at least one person to sign. If you all do the same, we are sure to get more people involved. Then, if you have any coffee money to spare, please donate a dollar or two help share this to more people. If your like me, then you might have a small, dusty collection of gift cards with only a dollar left, and this is a great well to spend it.

Thank you all,

Sam Rodriguez

Sam Rodriguez
1 year ago