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Reject Hateful Anti-Muslim advertisements in the DC Subway

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has posted ads in the NY subway that are hateful towards the Muslim American Community and they want to bring that hate to DC. The DC Subway Commission has offered them the space but due to recent events has postponed the date in which they will post the ads. The US was founded on the principle of tolerance and respect for all faith traditions therefore it is important that the DC metro take a strong stand and not follow in the steps of NY by posting these hate-mongering advertisements in the DC subway.

Letter to
DC Subway Commission
We, as the students of Georgetown University, support your decision to not post the hateful, anti-Muslim advertisements in your subway system in light of recent events. Moreover, we also feel that these ads have no place in the Subway system of our nation’s capital. Millions of people use the subway system as they travel to work or while visiting the city and for them to see these ads in the shadow of the monuments and institutions of our government built to preserve the American values of democracy, freedom, and respect for all reflects poorly on the values that this nation treasures.

As university students and young Americans, we understand how important freedom of speech is to having an engaging academic community and country as a whole. However, these ads carry the potential to incite violent acts across the country. Also, they contradict our country’s core values of tolerance and respect for all faiths.

Once again we support your current decision and hope you take the next step and help in the fight against hate in America.


Georgetown University Students

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