Our Students Need ABAR Educations

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Educators for Equity has written a letter to the DC City Council asking for changes to be made to DCPS. The body of the letter reads:

"We are writing to you as educators passionate about local public schools. In light of the growing movement for Black lives, direct action needs to be taken to ensure the safety, well-being, and education of our students.

We demand the following:

  1. That school police are defunded, and those funds are instead allocated to:
    1. Mandated restorative practices, not punishment
    2. Vastly expanded mental health systems and supports for students, staff, and families
  2. That schools are funded equitably, not based on income tax or enrollment audit (which leaves public schools abused by charters)
  3. That the curricula are revised to be more about content than standards, and that the content accurately reflects our nation’s populations and history
  4. That for-profit standardized testing as it exists today is abolished
  5. That there is an indefinite moratorium on school closures and privatization in Black and Brown communities

These demands are relevant to all public school districts within the country, and we, as local educators, hope that you will be the governing body that takes the lead in instituting these changes."

We are asking you - the public, the stakeholders - to join us in our quest for educational equity within the United States, starting with, but not limited to, our local system.