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DC Public Schools: Restore Fillmore Arts Center's funding for next year!!

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DCPS has proposed a budget that leaves Fillmore's award-winning elementary school arts programs with no hope of viability. These cuts make it impossible to continue to offer the robust curriculum and teaching excellence to the nearly 3,000 students from eight DCPS schools that it is slated to serve during the 2013-2014 school year.
Fillmore’s per-pupil funding has dropped a whopping 40% in four years, and this proposed budget forces Principal Latterner to convert FOUR of her five remaining full-time teaching positions to part-time, hourly jobs, which would result in the loss of some of Fillmore’s most experienced, effective, and beloved instructors.

The future may be "ART ON A CART" with a single art position and a half-time music position in your school, rather than the varied options children have at Fillmore to experience drama, chorus, dance, computer art and animation, ceramics, fine art, and more AND without the dedicated spaces (dance studio, black box theater, etc) and resources (a kiln, instruments, etc) that Fillmore provides. Your children deserve better!

We the undersigned urge Chancellor Kaya Henderson to restore at least $300,000 to Fillmore’s budget for next year. This would return per-pupil funding to 2011-2012 school year levels, and allow Principal Latterner to maintain current staffing levels. We also ask the Chancellor to lift the current ban that prohibits new schools from joining the Fillmore program – a change that would allow the arts center to recoup additional funding that has been lost through the successive budget cuts it has suffered.

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