Justice For DC Homeless Families

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My family experienced  an episode  of homelessness  in 2016 . Thus led to me becoming a homeless  advocate  for families . In 2016 Virginia Williams Family Resource Center -  the central intake social services office for homeless families - told ABC 7 News and myself that they turn no family away from shelter and services.  This has proven to be false.  

Hundred's of families  have reached out to me after being turned away by Virginia  Williams and or receiving no case management , employment  or supportive services . While hundred's of other homeless families remain in Motel placement  over 8 months forgotten about by City  Officials.  

The conditions of these Motels are unacceptable and in 2016 a baby died at Motel 6 after the constant presence  of rodents led to an ashma  attack.  The child's  death was quietly swept under the rug by DC Dept of Human  Services . Despite the constant media attention I've  diverted on this issue Families with young children still suffer.  Please stand with me as we demand better treatment,  living conditions and supportive services for DC Homeless  Families.