Do not make Bruce Wayne/Batman a Metahuman!

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People love Batman for multiple reasons. The world he lives in, the villains, the gadgets, the storylines, but most of all we love that he is only human. He is what any one of us can aspire to become. In a world of mutated and alien superheroes, Batman remains as the ultimate human being. 

It has been brought to our attention that DC comics plans to alter this little known fact for the sake of their storyline. Well, I say "NO!". This is unacceptable. DC is in a fragile state to begin with after failed movie attempts, ongoing rumors about who will play Batman and continuously losing directors for their upcoming projects. The comic books can not afford to leave us unpleased. They need to start listening. 

In Suicide Squad #22 Amanda Waller refers to Batman as a Metahuman. To people who are not fans of the Batman storylines or simply don't care, this is probably not a big deal. Well, it is to the true fans! Multiple fans have stated they love him because he is human. Writers of the Dark Knight series havr noted this fact as well. He is the hero that we all are capable of becoming. He has proved that nothing is impossible. He has had his back broken in half and has come back to full form due to his will power and training. As fans, we have dealt with and supported the various storylines (Earth 1, Rebirth, etc), but this cannot be allowed. DC must make sure that this statement is concluded with an ending that suites the fans and may not leave the slightest chance that Bruce Wayne/Batman is not just a human.