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Bring back the old Harley Quinn

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Many fans enjoy what DC's doing with Harley Quinn. Some of us, however, do not. Ever since Arkham Asylum (great game, by the way), Harley changed drastically. She became suddenly extremely violent and murderous, as well as a psychopath and being hypersexual non-stop.

Before this, she was a confused, lovestruck girl who just acted crazy to please the Joker. She didn't kill unless she believed she had to, and she wasn't evil. She wasn't over-sexualized, just sexual toward Joker, the man she loved. Now, she has a plethora of love interests within a short period of time. She acts like Deadpool instead of Harley, and the classic fans like me just can't be pleased with this.

To clarify, I'm not asking for the new one to disappear. I'm asking for the old version to appear IN ADDITION to the new one. I don't see why you can't have both versions co-existing in separate timelines. DC, WB, please heed my request, and the request of thousands of other fans, and let us see that lovable goofball again, the way she used to be.

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