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The DC Center has been proudly serving as the anchor for the Metro DC LGBT community for 10 years. We provide services and programs that are on par with any other world-class city yet unlike other major cities we still don't have a permanent place to call home.

In the past four years alone we've moved three times. Next year our lease is up and we'll be moving yet again. Our main focus should be on serving you better but unfortunately we've been forced to put in countless time and resources into finding us a new home every few years.

Not too long ago we had funding set aside by the city to help us with a down payment for a building. However like many other LGBT non-profits our budget was slashed and we were back to square one.

But there's hope!

Just last month a bid came out for premium storefront space at the Reeves Municipal Building. It's situated in the heart of our "Gayborhood", just a block from where we currently reside and the lease is long-term. It's absolutely perfect for the DC Center and we want to claim this as a permanent home.

We need YOU to sign this petition and send it to everyone you know to show the city of DC that the DC center should have a permanent home and that the Reeves Municipal Building is the right place for it.

Thank you so much for your support!

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The DC Center for the LGBT Community DC Center Petition for a Permanent Home
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Supporters of The DC Center For the LGBT Community.

The DC Center has been providing quality programming and services for the LBGT community of Metro DC for over 9 years. However, entering their 10th year of being a vital part of the local community at large, The DC Center is still without a permanent home.

In the past four years alone the DC Center has had to uproot and move three times. Each of these moves take time and energy away from serving the community and their core mission which is being the steady support system of the LGBT population. But how can they take a firm enough posture to support an entire community without a stable foundation? Their current lease has been extended to June of next year. So where will the DC Center go then? This is where we will need your support.

An opportunity has arisen for the DC Center to bid on ground level retail space that has become available in the Reeves Municipal Building on the corner of 14th and U Street, NW. This space will provide an anchor for the Center to continue to flourish and grow in its next decade of service. Here are some highlights of services they offer:

•Over 12,000 community members attend events and participated in Center programs.
• Over 5,000 cards were distributed to the community with information on public safety and tips on reducing personal risk to crime.
• Over 250,000 condoms were distributed to LGBT owned nightlife establishments.
• SAGE-DC launched the Friendly visitor program that provides support to our elder population.
• The Center offered smoking cessation classes and worked on reducing tobacco use in our community.

I consider finding the DC Center a permanent home a priority and pledge my support for their bid of the space in the Reeves Municipal Building.



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