DBATU University Cancel All Examination


DBATU University Cancel All Examination

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Dbatu Student started this petition to Dbatu University should cancel all Examinations including final year and

DBATU University should cancel all Examinations including final year's board examination. There is 21 days lockdown so every exam has been postponed which were supposed to held between 24 march to 15 April.

But as per the updates till now, the Chinese Corona Virus cases is increasing exponentially in india. 21 days is not enough to tackle this problem it will surely be extended.

As a student, it is difficult to concentrate on studies as we are not sure whether exams will be held or not.

Even if the Chinese Corona Virus cases starts to decrease in numbers we can't take risk as lakhs of students will be appearing in exam together.

We students request Dbatu University to cancel the examination and give atleast B+ to all students to were to supposed to appearing in those examination.

We are therefore signing these petition to bring our concerns to your notice.

(1) Several colleges fall under DBATU University and students belonging to these colleges have come from cities all across Maharashtra. They have departed to their native states amidst the outbreak without carrying their study material or luggage...

(2) A University, where a considerable amount of students reside in rural areas plenty of them come from a low-income family, don't have access to high-speed internet or a laptop, which nullifies the possibilities of an online examination if it has been proposed.

(3) Due to the spread of Covid-19, the institutes are non-functional since the 16th of March, 2020 and will supposedly continue to be the same until the situation is alleviated. A few colleges were not able to conduct the mid-semester exams before the lockdown and as a result, an average syllabus of 50% is yet to be covered.

(4) As mentioned above due to lack of internet facilities, students face a lot of difficulties in self-study through the medium of online classrooms or educational videos.

(5) Keeping the time constraints in mind, it seems impossible to conduct the mid-semester exams, complete the remaining syllabus and submissions, and go ahead with the end-sem exams as the conventional procedure suggests, without disrupting the academic schedule of the upcoming semesters.

(6) Hereby, We humbly request you to promote us to the upcoming semester based on our performance in the previous semesters or to guide us regarding how we should carry on with our studies in order to prepare for the exams if it is to be conducted. Please let us know about the further proceedings as soon as possible so as to end our constant dilemma regarding the pending syllabus to be learned.

(7) We assure you to give the best of my ability in my academics and not let you down at any point in time.
Hope we hear from you as soon as possible.

Due to Coronavirus outbreak all schools and colleges in are suspended till 14th April. This gap is resulting in stress among students as colleges fear that Mumbai University won’t consider the outbreak effect and schedule the exams as it is going to. Colleges are bombarding students with multiple assignments and self study topics.

UPDATE 1- Lockdown has been extended upto 14th April. So this makes submissions more difficult. Also, the portion is way behind and incomplete. Teachers are trying all they can by putting content on online platform but no one is understanding even a bit. Therefore, there is an urgent need of cancellation of end semester exams.

Now our fight is for getting waived for all submissions and direct promotion to the respective next semesters!


Thanking you


This petition made change with 326 supporters!

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