End Foxtail growth and spread in Copperwood

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Foxtail weeds are growing rampantly in and around Copperwood again this year. These weeds produced barbed seeds that blow around in the thousands, and become ingested and/or inhaled by dogs. These seeds become logged in our pets throats, sinus cavities, eyes, ears, skin, causing them great pain and discomfort and often a huge vet bill to have these barbed seeds removed under anesthetic. The seeds if unchecked will continue to burrow into your pet, and can lead to death as the seees will never break down and never stop burrowing. We implore Daytona Land corp to be proactive, and eliminate these weeds that are currently growing throughout our community, in any yet to be developed areas currently owned by Daytona landcorp. They are in the thousands east of Miners pond, they are all around the edges of the new vistas development, they are outside the developer fence, just waiting to cause undo harm to our beloved pets in our community and neighboring communities. Residents please sign and let's work towards being pro-active. Daytona please eliminate this weed IMMEDIATELY before our pets fall harm to the Foxtail seeds like we had last year.