Restore safe, school-based transit for all Dayton schoolchildren

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A Snyder
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As the 2020-2021 school year is just weeks away, thousands of Dayton-area school children (ranging from kindergarten to middle school) have been left without safe school transportation.

The Dayton Public School Board recently decided to take away safe, yellow school bus transportation for children in the Dayton area who attend publicly funded charter schools or private schools. Instead, they will be left to use public RTA buses to get to and from their school buildings.

In Ohio, public school districts are obligated to provide transit for all students. Everyone pays taxes to support school transit. Yellow school buses are not for the exclusive use of the district’s students.

This last-minute decision by the Dayton Public Schools impacts thousands of families with an added level of uncertainty. With just weeks to go before the start of school, the DPS plan fails to provide any details guaranteeing the safety, supervision, and care for young students and particularly those with special needs.

The decision to deny non-DPS students’ access to safe, school-based transportation is discriminatory. It hits hardest those Dayton families who are exercising their right to choose the school setting that best suits their children’s learning needs. Many of these working families are disadvantaged and struggling economically.

Please sign this petition to let the Dayton Public School Board members know that school transportation should be available to ALL local children.