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Dear Daybreak, My name is shotzy, I am a team owner in div 3 of AU scrims, I am starting this petition to express the feelings and thoughts of my fellow teams and teammates in div 3. For a long time now, Div 3 has always been where you go to have some fun and enjoy some proper games of H1Z1. But as of the start of this year, Alot of teams are wanting to be alot more serious and have good, Even, Skillful games. With being on a public server it makes it very hard for the teams to show their full capability, because we either get a few random teams come in that are not part of div 3, Which instantly makes it harder because most of the time they are game snipers and will shotgun rush any team they see. There is also a big problem with solo que players coming in and purposefully trying to ruin a teams game. And just in general with teams playing with too little or too many players it really makes it hard for proper teams to enjoy the game and show what they can do. It would be great if we could have proper constructed games where our already lined up div 3 mod can know whats happening and know whos in the games. This makes the game play alot more fair and will bring alot of joy back into the game. So on behalf of me and other teams in the AU community please may we get a private server?

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