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"Too early to tell if Mac version will be a thing. might make it if there is demand."

This was taken from Lirik's stream conversation with the developer. As a Mac user myself, I would like to see a mac version. If you have a Mac, and prefer it over windows, please leave a comment to provide evidence of demand.

Reasons for making Macintosh version: - Many college students use Macs as it is a preferred system for various reasons - The Macintosh user base has dramatically increased over the years, leaving Mac vs. Windows ratio to been nearly a 1:1 in purchases through a yearly quarter. - Creating the Mac version shouldn't delay launch as it is a rather simple conversion in coding. - Simply put, there is a lot of Mac users that are left out from games. Don't make this another. DayZ did, and it was a bummer to many gamers.

I personally have a Mac. Although it is Dual Booted ( Contains both Mac and Windows OS). My mac gets the job done for anything, including the most graphic intensive game. I even played DayZ on it without issues.

Again, leave a comment to see if we can push for a Macintosh version of H1Z1. Also, don't turn this into a Mac vs Windows debate. Each one has it's differences, pros, and cons. Thank you.

Written by ADM_Duckie

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The only Battle Royale Mac users can play is Fortnite, So by releasing the game for Mac, The player base may increase the player base for H1Z1 as I have seen many enthusiastic Mac users who wish to play H1Z1.