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Keep PlanetSide 1 server active or release a client version.

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PlanetSide (2003) was a pioneer in MMO gaming. No other game can claim to have been as bold and ambitious for the time. Few other games can claim to have created the rich memories that so many people still talk about today. 

Recently, it was announced by Daybreak Game Company that they will be shutting down the PlanetSide 1 server permanently on July 1st, 2016 at 4:00 PM PT.

As fans who have, for years, watched as a magnificent game was neglected more and more, and as fans who have had our voices ignored repeatedly over the very long life of the game, we respectfully ask that this decision be reversed. 

We know from previous statements that the PlanetSide 1 server does not cost much to run, and the reasons for wanting the server to remain active are not related to hoping the game will one day be revived. These are entirely personal and emotional reasons on behalf of one of the most dedicated communities to have ever existed. 

Over the years, we have slowly watched the history of PlanetSide be driven into the ground, first with the deletion of the official forums, second with the "PlanetSide Next" project turning out not to be an improvement for PlanetSide, but a different game altogether, and thirdly with this decision. 

Please, for the sake of this game's historical significance to the MMOFPS genre and the hundreds of thousands of people who forged memories in PlanetSide, either: 

1. Keep the server active in its present free-to-play state, or

2. Release a client version of the server that we can log on to so that we can walk around the beautifully crafted world of the game and enjoy its wonderful sound effects and music from within the game world. 

With much respect, 

PlanetSide 1 Fans

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