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To Bring Back the Fun In H1Z1

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H1Z1 Just Survive. Here is my opinions on how the game should be compared to how it is going to be. The Daybreak team is doing good coming out with new updates giving the game something new and not being as dull as it was. But here are some of the issues with the new update. You pushed the update with only 1 tier base building 1/4 part of the map out and you expect the player base to be excited to play the game. You made different tier gun levels which is just horrible pvp is soooo unbalanced its not even funny. You took the entire Z1 map away so players can no longer experience the joy and the fun of the map and the old building. You push the update with no major city just a huge dam. Daybreak your telling your players that all these updates with tier 2 building 2 more parts of the map are coming out but all of this is coming out by the end of the year, I will be surprised if the players will be around for this long. The game died out because you were to lazy to fix the hackers and all the little bugs in the game. This game used to have so much population but now the peak is now 5000 players.... Just look at your charts If you cant take a hint that your doing something wrong just listen to your player base You have been focusing so much on the pve aspect of the game but a lot of your players were here for the raiding and pvp, but now you can not even headshot someone with a .308 and kill them. There are many more problems with this new update the map pvp and raiding but i will save that for another time. All i'm asking for daybreak is if your not going to make Z1 playable again make updating this map your main priority FIX the PVP FIX the raiding and all these little bugs you have going on. The main thing to focus on is hackers. This game was unplayable with hackers. It cost 5$ to ruin this game but you couldnt stop it. Many of us "players" got on this game everyday farmed picked our crops farmed fert but now all of that is gone. The Original Player base is no longer playing this game. Please Daybreak take some of these options into consideration. 

                                     -Arieb   a "Player of your Game"

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