Oppose NJ's "Free for ALL" Late Term Abortion bill NOW! (S3030/A4848)

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The Reproductive Freedom Act (S3030/A4848) is the most aggressive, radical, and dangerous pro-abortion, anti-woman, and anti-family bill ever to touch down in the state of New Jersey. If passed, this bill will ELIMINATE the requirement for a woman to have an abortion performed in a licensed surgical facility, and it allows for UNQUALIFIED medical individuals to perform those abortions. This means woman of all races will be subject to physical harm, and death. It completely violates medical ethical standards of care.

The bill will also allow abortion up until BIRTH (the point where NO ONE can deny there is a full formed baby in the womb) and partial birth abortion. The bill erases the humanity of the baby, and declares the fetus has NO protections.

The mandated funding provisions of the bill will not only attract more human sex traffickers to NJ to force young girls, and women to have abortions, but it will make NJ a magnet for others to come to the state, to have abortions at the taxpayer's expense. 

This bill will put a divide between parent and child, as it aims to permanently remove parental consent, by allowing minors to have abortions, "without the need to notify her parents."