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Make Super Best Friends Forever and Plasticman as full fledged shows

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On the day Super Best Friends Forever was announced, people were excited about it. Only to be a bit dissapointed that it was going to be a series of shorts rather than a new animated series for Cartoon Network. There are so many things that can be explorded with these shorts if this was an animated series. Leaving it as five shorts is a crime is people love the shorts to the point that it has to be made as a full fledged show. 

The same thing can apply to Plasticman. Originally pitched to Cartoon Network with its pilot 'Puddle Trouble', the pilot wasn't picked up(it was rumored that executives of Cartoon Network picked up the next season of Johnny Test over the short). Its important that both of these shorts can become full fledged cartoons for Cartoon Network, to explore things that leaves so much to offer for concepts for these shows. People loved the Plasticman pilot and there are people who love Super Best friends forever. Lets try to make both of these shows become a reality. 

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